Food Truck Commissaries

You always had a penchant for cooking and loved to cook various dishes in junior college. After your degree from a reputed hospitality institute, you decided to start on your own. But realty prices were too high. Then you came across the idea of food trucks. You wondered what these were.

What is a food truck commissary?

Before heading into the business, you need to first understand what is food truck commissary is. A commissary is a rented location where the proprietor can prepare the food. You will also be provided with the added benefit of having a parking space. It is a great way to start your business. The investment is less, and you have the added benefits of having a cold storage space and truck maintenance.

While the commissaries could be a low-cost option, some states may require it as a statutory requirement for start-ups. It always serves to be on the right side of the law. The regulatory set-up may not allow you to cook food on the truck. You will need to check whether you are required to work through a commissary. It will require you to cook the food elsewhere and sell your ware through the food truck. Also, look into the additional licensing requirements.